About us

Our company was established by a group of professionals in IT Systems development and business administration. Our rich 20 years of experience in managing projects of different scale is a foundation of our business. Our passion for perfect solutions is driving our company and helps our clients to thrive! The company has developed principles that help us to build reliable and stable relations with our customers and partners.

• Decency in the relationship with our clients and partners

• A careful approach to the image of the company

• Accurate fulfillment of all undertaken obligations

• Looking for a compromise in determining the terms of cooperation and interaction procedures.

•Our goal is to find the most optimal solution for your business operations.


Our staff members are highly qualified specialists who have graduated from reputable universities and continuously improve their skills through professional development courses. Our employees are reliable, enthusiastic, passionate, and result-oriented.

Our company's policy is based on an integrated approach to resolve complex problems for customers. We understand that every company is unique, so we customize our solutions based on technologies and resources that are already available in the organization.

Our team


Our company specializes in software development and IT services, as well as automation of business processes and the provision of consulting services.

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Screen software DMCC  

office 1807, Goldcrest executive, JLT, Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 443 3032

e-mail: info@screen.ae