eLeed ERP Enterprise

eLeed ERP Enterprise is a powerful ERP system designed for any size of the company. It comes with all features for basic, advanced, and expert level accounting standards. It helps to control end to end functioning of the company, serving as a trustful management partner. 


eLeed Accounting is hosted on your company premise server, making your data inaccessible for anyone outside of your network. Users outside the server network will need remote desktop/VPN connection to access the business's sensitive data. The application provides a flexible and detailed access control structure allowing to control who can view what information in the ERP.

Align your financial management to the industry best practices

Account charts in eLeed accounting are based on IFRS guidelines, ensuring your trial balance and accounts are maintained as per the industry standard. The basic accounting solution provides a full set of accounting reports, such as P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and more. Taxation rules are governed by FTA guidelines, ensuring accurate VAT returns and reports. The eLeed Accounting Module is the core product of the eLeed ERP system that can be paired with any other eLeed ERP module.


Convenience in everyday transactions, Functional features for content and communication management


Our basic eLeed Accounting Module comes with a bundle of functional features, ensuring hassle-free content management. Records Manager allows you to store and save different types of records, such as employee (Visa, emirates ID, license, and more), company (trade licenses, VAT TRN, and more) information. Email feature helps to simplify communication by emailing crucial business documents without the need to open the Outlook. File Manager is a uniquely designed feature that allows you to attach all the necessary paperwork to a particular transaction.

eLeed base Accounting paired with advanced cash flow accounting

eLeed Advanced Accounting offers all benefits of eLeed Basic combined with advanced accounting methodologies of flexible payment terms on each invoice. Debt Ageing Report can be generated to predict expected cash flow for the upcoming duration. The reports also help to manage and optimize the company’s credit lending appetite to ensure better collections against invoices.        

eLeed advanced accounting offers a sales cost allocation module allowing users to map everyday sales expenses and revenue generated. Those metrics provide accurate data on the actual profit earned on a sale as opposed to gross profit per sales price and cost. The Advanced Profitability Analysis is performed on each sales representative, customer, and inventory item.


Manage full cheque life cycle with PDC Management


eLeed Advanced Accounting comes with an in-built cheque management module, providing benefits of hassle-free accounting and reporting for business cheques. It includes advanced features, such as attaching cheques to invoices, settling the debt on cheque realization or receipt, and splitting account from amounts received/issued on cheques.

eLeed HR Payroll

eLeed HR Payroll solution aims to automate the human resources processes in small to large-sized enterprises. This product is built on top of a flexible code to allow modifications as per the company’s HR governing policies. It is a ready-to-use product that transfers your company’s HR management to a well-documented and tracked method. 



Manage entire employee database in one system, track record updates.


eLeed HR & Payroll solution allows you to store all employee-related information in one place, including sensitive records such as Passports, Visas, Driving Licenses, and more with their scanned copies. Expiry reports and dashboards enable you to track upcoming renewals.

Govern employee timesheets and vacations with an integrated upgrade to a biometric solution

eLeed HR Payroll is flexible and can be used along with various biometric solutions to enable timesheet maintenance. The vacation management system allows you to manage and track employee vacations under different categories, such as paid annual leaves, unpaid leaves, sick leaves, and more.  


Make employee settlement compliant with UAE rules.


eLeed HR solution comes with UAE compliant features, such as monthly WPS file generation, and monthly gratuity expenses accrual. The final settlement form helps to calculate gratuity as per the UAE labour laws and shows the final settlement payable to the employee.


The single packaged solution helps in designing optimized business workflows.

eLeed ERP enterprise is designed to guide business workflows to perform more efficiently. Our product helps businesses to manage their sales and purchase pipeline to maintain optimum inventory levels.


Choice of various add-ons to track crucial business information


eLeed ERP Enterprise offers business modules, such as Fixed Asset Management which enables proper handling and accounting of assets owned by the company, giving managed value in the company balance sheet. Modules, such as Task Manager, are useful in running short-term and long-term tasks in the company.

Extensive reporting options to measure business performance

The selection of reports in the product helps in understanding business performance and make critical decisions to improve business processes. The sales analysis and budgeting tools give leverage to read through company performance.


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