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eLeed ERP Enterprise for JAFZ

eLeed ERP Enterprise for the JAFZA companies is a uniquely designed ERP software for companies operating in the JAFZA region of the UAE. This product combines the uniquely designed JAFZA automator functionality with the core of eLeed ERP. This product is suitable for all sizes of trading, manufacturing and service companies operating in one or multiple currencies.


Manage sales and purchase pipeline paired with JAFZ paperwork

This product comes with a built-in order management module shifting focus on the sales capability of the businesses. It allows businesses to operate effectively in a multi-currency environment by maintaining a pipeline for sales and purchase. Businesses can benefit from controlled inventory supported by sales orders and substantial sales forecasts.    

End to end process management for inventory and assets

Being the full set product, it comes with multiple business must-haves modules, such as fixed assets. Asset Management is an essential part of maintaining a correct balance sheet, utilizing this module eases the workload for an accountant, as well as keeping standard accounting for depreciation of the assets.

Utilize benefits of an ERP, while keeping the focus on the JAFZA workflow

eLeed ERP for JAFZA aspires to provide benefits of an ERP system to the JAFZA businesses. This product automates the repetitive task of documentation and allows us to expand company workflow horizons, by adding more modules, such as sales forecasting, debt management, HR management and more. This product is a great fit for companies that are looking to streamline their business processes and to keep business core optimized.

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