ERP for JAFZA Companies in Dubai

JAFZA companies operate without the hassle of taxation leveraging a large pool of import and export worldwide. Dubai’s tax free designated zones are haven for trading companies who seek to source and sell around the globe with the advantageous centralized location of Jebel Ali Port.    

eLeed ERP software is designed to take off the hassles of customs accounting and advanced logistics actions. eLeed helps you optimize customs and stock inventory transactions, maximising sales productivity.  

Major challenges in trading business?

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Despite being operating in tax free air, JAFZA companies still need to adhere to mandatory requirement of inventory transaction declarations on Dubai Trade Portal. Major challenge arises in maintaining correct and verified purchase and sales inventory declarations. This is one of the most man-intensive task to declare each purchase individually via eMirsal on Dubai Trade Portal.


Another challenge is Bill of Entry wise reporting. It is imperative to understand Bill of Entry Consumption, and maintain seamless linking between bill of entry in and bill of entry out. Absence of such reports can lead to legal ramifications with Dubai Customs.    


Another most laborious task is creation of transfer and export documents including packing list, customs invoice, transfer of ownership, HS codes list, Delivery advice and more. There is arising need for dedicated logistics personnel in each company whose main task to ensure creation of these documents one by one, accurately and in-time.  

Advantages of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP offers a uniquely engineered JAFZA customs module which eases off man-intensive tasks offering scope for greater sales initiatives. JAFZA companies can benefits from this module as follows:

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  • On step aid to invoice declarations on Dubai Trade Portal.

  • Maintain comprehensive history of all customs goods movement

  • Improve logistics productivity by reducing duplicate work of creating transfer and export documents

  • Maintain database of all export documents generated

  • Leverage all features of eLeed ERP Enterprise solution for trading companies coupled with special eLeed JAFZA functionality

  • Unique advantages for production based JAFZA companies to maintain production activities in combination with customs activities.

Features of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP JAFZA customs module is engineered for all types of industries and is not limited to only trading firms. This module is helpful for any company abiding Dubai Trade Portal Rules.

Some useful features of eLeed erp software for JAFZA based business are:

  • Quick create eMirsal text file which can be uploaded directly to dubai trade portal for invoice declaration and bill of entry generation

  • Extensive reports on customs inventory

  • Audit customs and stock inventory to find any anomalies before customs department catches them

  • Specialized Customs invoice documents with quick links to create all documents required in transfer or export sale

  • Specialized Customs workflow with facility to print exit certificate based on customs declared export invoice

  • Tracking and maintenance of customs claims management

  • Couple above features with any/all modules of eLeed ERP to have our own complete suite of ERP modules.

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Modules of Eleed ERP software

eLeed offers multiple modules suited for trading companies which can be tailored as per data and reporting needs of the company:

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JAFZA Advanced
Logistics Module

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JAFZA Claims
Management Module

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JAFZA Advanced
customs goods reporting

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Basic and Advanced
Accounting Module

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Order Management

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Cheque Management

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Sales Analysis

Other useful modules are HR Accounting and Fixed Asset Module for governance of employees and company assets