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ERP for Production Companies in Dubai

Production companies work on the complex combinations of just-in-time manufacturing, planned procurement, and calculated bill of materials. Manufacturing includes different types of assembly tasks from the simple to complex multi-step transformation processes.  Every production-based company has a unique flow suited to their industry, giving a challenge, as well as opportunities for ERP providers to automate business processes. 


eLeed ERP solution for the production industry aims to automate each step of production ensuring transparent documentation and effective planning. eLeed acts as a facilitator for your business, helping in achieving short-term and long-term business goals.

Major challenges in Production business?

The major challenge for a production company is doing accurate product pricing and maintaining the bill of materials. This includes a predicted amount of consumable inventory, as well as estimated production expenses. Production companies must get as accurate product cost as possible for a profitable sales price management.


Other challenges are production scheduling, real-time picture of production in progress, and understanding of the raw materials requirements. Production companies aim to ensure optimal working time for machines and labors yet cannot overspend in restocking production materials or procuring raw materials.

One of the biggest problems for a production company is to find an ERP solution that can be customized to their production process rather than changing their production method to match basic ERP system requirements. 

Advantages of Eleed ERP software

 eLeed ERP for production companies offers distinctive features to manage the complete process in one system.

Main Benefits:

  • A customizable solution to alter workflow as per company's requirements

  • Improved insight of estimated and actual costs of production

  • Detailed view of inventory in progress, available material, and future requirements

  • Integration with Accounting Software to club accounts and production in one solution

  •  Leverage the fixed assets module to manage and account for production machinery

  •  Combine with our JAFZA module to maintain customs and production processes in one system.

  • Extend business activities to multiple business types including sales, run multiple companies as VAT group or individual entities.

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Features of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP Production module runs on a customizable engine to provide greater flexibility to production companies. Workflow is customized per the business requirements in combination with providing existing unique features.

Some useful features of eLeed ERP software for production-based businesses are:

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  • Specialized “Production Formula” document to create the bill of materials and know actual and estimated costs ahead of time

  • Production Scheduling and Transfer Management to stay on track on what is being produced, for whom and when

  • Possibility to generate unique serial numbers for each product to promote your brand and serialization for future servicing.

  • Accurate produced material cost, including materials and process expenses 

Modules of Eleed ERP software

eLeed offers multiple modules suited for production-based companies, which can be tailored as per data and reporting needs of the company:

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Basic and Advanced
Accounting Module
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Order Management
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Cheque Management
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Sales Analysis

Other useful modules are HR Accounting and Fixed Asset Module for the management of employees and company assets