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ERP for retail industry in Dubai

Retail business are lively, real time and full of unexpected events. They are purely customer driven, backed by robust inventory management and intelligent purchase management. Retail business have advantages of upfront payment coupled with challenges of calculated inventory carrying costs.      

eLeed ERP software of retail business integrates with your everyday business activities plus lets you manage backend activities efficiently. It is a one stop solution for every business need.

Major challenges in trading business?

Major challenge for retail companies is to always carry optimum inventory to be able to service the consumers without losing new business. It is crucial to rationalize process between inventory/stock management, tagging and pricing management.

Another challenge is cash desk management and VAT invoicing. Per UAE VAT legislation, VAT invoicing is a legal requirement for all consumer industries and must be fulfilled diligently to avoid tax penalties.

One more retail specific challenge is management of returns done by customer. Customer returns must be accounted for in VAT, margin reduction and inventory all at once ensuring proper accounting and profitability.

Advantages of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP for retail industry provides numerous benefits assisting in managing resources, stocks and customer satisfaction in everyday business.

Some benefits are:

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  • Integration with hardwares including POS, Barcode scanner, credit card terminals and more

  • Ensures inventory management based on the market and customer needs

  • Tax abiding VAT invoices and purchase management

  • Pictorial representation of the reports for analysis purpose

  • Multi level pricing for different types of walk-in and continued customers

  • Retail strategy functionality to add predefined discounts, sales actions, bundle pricing, gift vouchers and more.

  • Supports in managing account receivables, credit management and ageing for cash management

  • Convenient management of customer returns

Features of Eleed ERP software

  • One stop cash desk to manage every day sale activities

  • Orders management module to keep track of purchases

  • Inventory buffer management ensuring running products are always in stock

  • Facility to integrate retail business with other trading or manufacturing business in single platform

  • EDI reports for vendors and suppliers

  • Integration with online e-commerce website

  • Run one or more retail shops in single or distributed fashion. Feature for group owners to see consolidated reports and profitability of all retail businesses.

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Modules of Eleed ERP software

eLeed offers multiple modules suited for retail based companies which can be tailored as per data and reporting needs of the company:

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Basic Accounting
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Order Management
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 Retail modules
and cash desk
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Advanced Accounting
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Sales Analysis

Other useful modules are HR Accounting and Fixed Asset Module for governance of employees and company assets