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ERP for Service business in Dubai

Service providers are any business that generates most of its revenue from selling services to customers, ranging from consumer leisure to everyday necessities. ERP software for the service industry must be intuitive to handle real-time scenarios yet comply with accounting standards. 


eLeed ERP has comprehensive accounts, expenses and revenue workflow enabling service-based companies to always be in charge of their expenses. eLeed provides business intelligence reporting for decision-makers to facilitate effective decision making.

Major challenges in Service Based Business?

In a service-based business, it is often hard to determine the actual cost of goods, unlike trading or manufacturing business. It makes it harder for the management to determine profitable pricing for their services.


One of the biggest challenges, and requirements, for service-based businesses, is to be aware of their expenses. The cost of services can be determined effectively only after carefully reviewing the market situation, competitors and company's expenses. 


Another major challenge, that companies face, is internal employee management. Service-based companies rely on their employees to provide good service to their customers, so it is of paramount importance that Human Resources are managed and accounted for properly. Some people say ‘Happy employees make happy customers’.

Advantages of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP offers a simplified yet uniquely advantageous solution to companies in the service industry.

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Main Benefits:

  • Detailed Expense Management with analytical reporting to understand expenditure patterns and objects

  • Fixed Asset Management to control, store and depreciate fixed assets used for providing services

  • Specialized inventory write off transactions to levy expenses per type and customer

  • Convenient POS system and invoicing for cashiers, easy to learn and perform sales related transactions

  • One-click generation of advanced accounting and company status reports like P&L, Cashflow, Balance sheet

Features of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP is multi-faceted software which helps to run and simplify company operations for all types of service companies.

Some useful features of eLeed erp software for Service business are:

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  • Book orders for service request and generate an invoice when the service is delivered

  • Manage in-house consumable inventory, order upfront, and manage payments with suppliers

  • Sort expenses by multiple objects per data reporting requirement, for example, by employees, customers, departments, projects, and more

  • Customizable forms to suit and store metrics specific to your company

  • Integration with HR and Fixed Assets module to manage company resources

 Eleed ERP Software Modules

eLeed offers multiple modules suited for retail based companies which can be tailored as per data and reporting needs of the company:

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Basic Accounting
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Accounting Module
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HR management
 and accounting
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Retail Forms
 for Cash desk
Fixed Asset


Other useful modules are HR Accounting and Fixed Asset Module for the management of employees and company assets