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ERP for trading business in Dubai

A trading business, may seem easy but runs in amidst of continual planning, robust supply chain, optimum inventory management and frugal accounting.

When choosing ERP solution for trading business, it is essential to have a trusted ERP partner that can be storehouse of your data, a guide for your forecasting and a legally abiding tool when comes to accounting.

eLeed ERP software provides you all the above features and more in a simply packed application, easy to adopt and persistently improved per new standard.

Major challenges in trading business?

Most daunting task in any trading business is to keep transparency between sales-purchases to keep inventory streamlined, maintaining effective SCM to ensure you have optimum carrying inventory to support quick sales with minimum dead stock.

Another challenge faced by trading companies is to ascertain correct landing cost of the purchases and do expense management. The sales prices can be set efficiently only if one knows about the right cost expenses.

Third and most business annoying challenge is low payment collections or supplier delays due to payments. Trading business can run efficiently with smooth cash flow, which is often missed due to lack of proper accountability on payables and receivables side.

Advantages of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP can offer game-changing advantages to companies in the trading and distribution sector. It helps to govern trading business activities as per industry standards.

Some of the benefits are:

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  • Efficient supply chain management, link purchases with customer orders and creating seamless chain between all business activities

  • Calculate and know your inventory landing cost leading to better sales price management.

  • Assign different categories of sales prices to inventory and control access on prices as per salesman level

  • Flexible payment terms per sale, credit lending management, debt ageing and collections to ensure better cash flow

  • Know salesman profitability, assign targets, check revenue and margin generation. Accrue commissions based on sales done.

Features of Eleed ERP software

eLeed ERP is multi-faceted software which helps to run and streamline company operations for all sizes of trading firms.

Some useful features of eLeed erp software for trading business are:

  • Flexibility to reserve or not reserve stock as per nature of customer order

  • Automatic stock booking for new customer orders in upcoming and open purchase orders

  • Dashboards to study Margin and Revenue reports by multiple metrics

  • IFRS compliant accounting standard, chart of accounts and accounting reports

  • Comprehensive expense management and reporting

  • Multi organization structure capable of accounts consolidation across company and VAT groups.

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Modules of Eleed ERP software

eLeed offers multiple modules suited for trading companies which can be tailored as per data and reporting needs of the company:

Basic Accounting Solution

Advanced Accounting Module

Order Management Module

Cheque Management Module




Other useful modules are HR Accounting and Fixed Asset Module for governance of employees and company assets