November 2019. The Accounting and Finance Show.
We wanted to thank all of the people who were involved in putting together the Accounting and Finance Show. Our stall was very popular, and we had a chance to present our product to a lot of attendees.

September 2019.   Our newest eLeed 3.19. update will be available soon.

Dear customers, we have great news - our team is constantly working on perfecting our software solution and our eLeed  3.19. version will be available soon.

We have perfected over 100 tasks, here are some of them:

  • A full-text file search system has been implemented;

  • Estimated volume and timing of synchronization, status display (%), and estimated end time indicators have been added;

  • Transition of eLeed Software Product to Net Framework 4.7.2;

  • Information filtering mechanism has been created;

  • Semantic search function has been added;

  • Significantly reduced size of synchronization data files between servers;

  • Renewed support for the PostgreSQL database management system in eLeed;

  • Added functionality of licensing separate modules of ERP software solution;

  • Highlighting features for found values have been added to the reports;

  • Added the ability to display a user who is blocking an object;

  • Added the ability in AdminTools Security to see the date of the last user login;

  • Accelerated timing of blocks during synchronization

These and many other changes are waiting for you in eLeed 3.19 that will be released in October 2019.

July 2019.  Biometrics for ZkTeco Devices Support.


We are happy to announce that we now offer biometrics support for ZkTeco devices, so you can now upgrade from your traditional attendance system to ZkTeco biometrics device to help in tracking attendance in the office. It is not only limited to attendance tracking, call us to find out more information about biometrics.

September 2018.   eLeed 3.18 update is available.

As part of the version, more than 100 problems were solved, here are some of them:
- Optimized queries to system tables and commit commits.
- Significantly redesigned authorization form.
- Added the ability to disable and enable scrolling in radio buttons.
- Optimized command blocking.
- Added the ability to manage transactions when working with DAL and the possibility of deferred execution of DAL requests.
- Significantly improved index editor.
- Optimized synchronization when exceeding the permissible number of locks.
- Added the ability to load any files into Builder and support Snapshot isolation levels when converting.
- Added sorting tables by name when saving changes.
- It will be possible to change the type of ProgressBar: a new way to display the round WaitBar has been added to the reports.

August 2018.  HR employee system support UAE regulations. 

We are so pumped to introduce you our HR Module that is compliant with UAE rules and regulations. Our solution is built on top of a flexible code that allows us to make modifications based on your company’s HR policies. If you need more info, please give us a call or request demo on our website

May 2018.  Logistic Module tuned to Dubai Customs regulations and Dubai Trade Emirsal system.


 Our Logistics Module is now connected to Dubai Customs regulations and Dubai Trade Emirsal system, which makes it easier for you to file your customs invoices. Our program eliminates repetitive documentation process, as it generates files for uploading to Emirsal portal to optimize your business processes. Call us for a demo.

January 2018.  UAE Vat Support.


As of January 1st, 2018, it is mandatory for UAE based businesses to add VAT to the final price to their goods and services. Luckily, we have one-stop solution for Retail companies. Our product has everything you need to do proper VAT calculation and handling everyday transactions. We are only one call away from helping your business to run more efficiently.

August 2017. WE ARE OPEN.


As of August 15th, 2017, we are officially open. We are located in JLT, Gold Crest Executive. Come and have a cup of delicious coffee with us while we discuss your software needs. 

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