• Screen DMCC

Greetings from Screen Software!

Following is included in UAE eLeed Update 2021.03 which was applied on 06-June-2019.

New and noteworthy features –

· Added New Report >> Customs Weight Difference

· Added Hscode grouping method selection in PI & CI

· Added new field in Hscode directory “Hscode Customs Description”

· Added new report for Fixed asset “Fixed asset schedule”

Improvements to existing Objects –

· Improvements in CO , COC, SI, SIC for discounts

· Improved UI in Cash statement document

· Added new columns for “Group” and “brand” in customs Inventory report

· Improvements in exchange rates report

· Report >Selling prince history. Added New column “Currency”

· Improved UI in document Inventory Dispatch note

· Improved UI in exit point directory

· Improved UI in sales classification directory

· Fixed filter bug in Customer order analysis report

· General Registry added new column for “Posted by”

· Report>>Warehouse distribution Report- Added New column "Total Value"

· Report>>New Inventory report- Added new column “Total Freestock Value”

· Improvements in customs goods history for margin calculation

· Fixed Bug in new inventory report for PO,POC Ordered Qty

· Fixed error in Serial number history report

· Improvements for ZERO Stock Quantity in New inventory Report

· Improvements in Excel upload template for CI & PI and uploading error validation

· Improvements in HS reconciliation report

· Registry>>Cash documents added new column “operation”

· Improvements in cash operation directory

· Improvements in Cheque Printing report

· Improvements in document >>FA commissioning > Decommissioning

· Improvements in JV, Bank & Cash statement

· Improvements in Debit note to supplier

· Improvements in Cheque return